Wolfgang Wolfe (bigwolfbebad) wrote in sl_furries,
Wolfgang Wolfe

I'd like to host the Fat Furs party at AC...Any objections?

Hello all! This is Wolfgang here, I know this is about 2 months in advance, and I'll probably make another post in the future concerning this but...

I am thinking I'd like to host the Fat Fur Party at AC 07 and I was wondering if anyone objected to this or had any suggestions?

I would be holding it in my room, and if that got too confined (which, when dealing with Fat furs, is very easy to achieve X3) we could move it to the zoo or a very nice local pizza place I know of ^_^

The general idea I had would be to have everyone donate a minimum of $5 dollars at the door so we can pool our monies and get as much Pizza as we possibly can! I'd provide drinks and other snackage in the room, and I welcome everyone and anyone to bring any entertainment they think would spice up the party...

So what do you think? Gimme some ideas, comments, suggestions, criticisms and lets see what we can work out!

Wolfgang "Party Planner" Wolfe
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